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Caps, Seals  and Carry Handles for the Beverage Industry / Food Grade Caps
We now have caps with retaining straps for use on carbon dioxide cylinders and a wide range of sealing washers for regulators.
Valve Caps

Our valve caps are made specifically for the CGA 320 valve on carbon dioxide cylinders.  They are not caps that just happen to fit like others may sell. They are available in the colors shown above.  Custom colors are available for larger orders. 

​Part Numbers:

 033-100 Green 
033-037 Orange
033-099 Yellow
033-036 Red
033-098 Blue
033-112 Gray
CO2 Washer with Seal

This washer threads into the face of the CGA320 CO2 valve. Once installed, it is not necessary to put a CO2 washer in the regulator CGA320 nut. This saves having to provide a washer with each full cylinder. The O-ring seal allows for multiple uses.

Part Number:

033-327 Black
750 Medical Yoke / CO2 Washers

This washer provides excellent sealing between the CO2 valve face and the regulator.

It is available in green and yellow.

Part Numbers:

033-001 Green

033-033 Yellow
Valve Protectors for Cylinders without neck ring threads.  Snap-ring sold separately.

​Economy Valve Protector
For Threaded Neckring
Part Numbers:

033-179 Black; 033-180 Blue; 
033-220 Green; 033-221 Red;
033-284 Orange; 033-285 Yellow

Luxfer 1.865 Inch Hole
For Snap-Ring Collar
033-506 - Black

Luxfer 2.40 Inch Hole
For Snap-Ring Collar
033-214 Black; 033-280 Blue; 
033-281 Green; 033-252 Red;
033-282 Orange; 033-283 Yellow 

Catalina 2.65 Inch Hole
For Snap-Ring Collar
033-215 Black; 033-251 Blue; 
033-276 Green; 033-278 Red;
033-277 Orange; 033-279 Yellow 

Hymark – 033-307 Black

Premium Valve Protector

Extra-large opening for easy valve access and operation.  Snap-ring sold separately.

Part Numbers:

033-290 - Catalina Cylinders 

033-290TX - Catalina Cylinders (Passes DOT Drop Test) 

033-310 - Luxfer Cylinders

Wall Bracket

Secures Cylinder to Wall

Sold with or without restraining strap

Part Numbers:

033-034S (with strap) 

033-034 (without a strap)

Kidde Valve Protector

Snap-ring sold separately.

Part Numbers:

033-439 - Black

033-441 - Red

033-440 - Blue

Food Grade Caps

Protect the valves on your food grade cylinders from dirt, debris or
contamination from vermin crawling on the valves with this product.  This cap is available in translucent and orange.

These caps are made from Food Grade Plastic.

This cap fits multiple valves either as a cap or a plug.  Simply turn it over.
Fits CGA 320, 326, 346, 580 and 590 connections.

Part Numbers:

033-499 - Translucent (Clear)
033-520 - Orange

Snap Ring for 
Valve Protectors

These snap-rings / retaining rings are for securing the carry handle on cylinders without neck ring threads.

Part Number:

Catalina Cylinders - 033-531
Luxfer Cylinders - 033-547
Kidde Cylinders - 033-603
Dip Tube Ring

Prevent the mix-ups between gaseous and liquid withdrawal by installing these dip tube rings on the valve prior to insertion into the cylinder.  Available for both 1 inch and 3/4 inch cylinder valves.

Part Numbers:

033-493 - 3/4 inch - Red
033-494 - 1 inch - Red