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These washers are designed specifically for use in the compressed gas industry.  They are hydrocarbon free and provide excellent sealing capabilities.
750 Medical Yoke / CO2 Washers

This washer provides excellent sealing between the CO2 valve face and the regulator.

It is available in green and yellow.

Part Number:

033-001 Green
033-033 Yellow
605 Top Hat Washer 

This washer has a top hat that pilots into the orifice of a post valve. It is available in green and white.

Part Number:

033-030 Green
033-028 White
CO2 Washer with Seal

This washer threads into the face of the CGA320 CO2 valve.  Once installed, it is not necessary to put a CO2 washer in the regulator CGA320 nut.  This saves having to provide a washer with each full cylinder.  The O-ring seal allows for multiple uses.

Part Number:

033-327 Black
Posi-Seal Medical Washer

This patented seal has undergone rigorous testing and seals with very little hand strength. This seal gives superior performance to other seals that are currently available. It also takes a lot less effort to seal for those that have hand strength issues.  

Part Number:

033-193 Green
565 Medical Washer

Our most popular item. This seal has also undergone rigorous testing and seals with very little hand strength. This seal is available in green and gray.

Part Number:

033-017 Green
033-002 Gray
2 in 1 Seal and Retainer for CGA870 Post Valve

This combination includes a seal and top hat washer.  It allows for fast application to post valves as the seal is already preloaded with the washer.  The customer simply removes the seal and the washer remains attached to the valve.

Part Number:

033-019 Red
Brass and Viton Washer

This combination includes a brass washer and Viton seal. It allows for multiple uses when the regulator must be removed from the cylinder and reattached. E.g. for transportation or moving from one location to another.  It is recommended that a new washer be used with each new cylinder. 

Part Number: