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Valve Accessories
We sell various accessories to aid in valve operation and maintenance.  Roll mouse over picture for more detail.
Cylinder Plug for European 25 E Threaded Cylinders.

Will protect the valve threads and keep debris out of the cylinder prior to valving. Has a pull tab for easy removal.

Part Number:

033-422 Black
Post Valve Cleaning Plug

This plug is used to put in the orifice of post valve plugs prior to cleaning or washing to help prevent the cleaning solution from getting into the valve or the cylinder.  It is strongly recommended when chemicals will be used during the cleaning process.

Part Number:

033-152 Red
Post Valve Wrench with Chain

This wrench used to open and close post valve type oxygen valves has a patented jaw or groove that can be used by those patients with compromised hand strength to remove the sealing band from the cylinder prior to use.

Part Number:

033-142P Green printed with "ON/OFF" arrows
033-142C10P Green printed with "ON/OFF" arrows with 10 inch chain
033-191 Black without chain
033-191C10 Black with 10 inch chain
033-265C10 Pink with 10 inch chain
033-265 Hot Pink without chain
033-268 White without chain

Pull Over Installation Tool

This tool can be used as a plunger to assist in the installation of the pull over caps.  

Part Number: