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Propane Caps and Plugs for Cylinders, Valve, and Cylinders
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Plug for Acetylene / Propane Valves

This push in plug is not threaded. It is great for maintenance operations such as painting cylinders and protecting the valve during storage.

Part Number:

033-418 Red
Propane Plug

These plugs are specifically made for propane cylinders equipped with the POL style female valve.

These plugs are available in red or yellow.  They come with a restraining strap with safety information imprinted.

Part Number:

033-288S Red with the restraining strap
033-289S Yellow with the restraining strap
Cap for the 1¾ ACME Fitting

These caps fit the one and three quarter inch ACME fittings.  They are available with or without a restraining strap.

Part Number:

033-426 - Without Strap
033-426S - With Strap

Propane valves have threads on the inside and the outside. Other caps do not protect the inside of the valve. This is the most important part of the valve, in that contamination will prevent the cylinder from properly mating with the utilization equipment, resulting in a leak. Leaks can lead to fires resulting in personal injury and property damage.

Other valve plugs currently sold will allow insects to get inside and build nests. Sand, grit, snow, ice and other debris will also accumulate in the mouth of the valve.  

This will not happen with this cap!

The inside cap is not leak tight.
Any miniscule leakage will travel around the threads between the inner cap and exit at the vent holes placed in the cap.

​The valve plug Hyperkinetics sells will completely protect the inside of the valve from any contamination issues.

This cap is available in five different colors.  Custom colors are available for your company.

Part Number:
033-483 - Blue
033-443 - Red
033-444 - Green
033-513 - Orange
033-512 - Yellow

Propane Safety Cap for Forklift Cylinders
This cap is designed to put on the fill/use valve for forklift cylinders.  It comes in safety orange.

Part Number:

033-334 - Orange
033-503 - Yellow
033-468 - Blue
033-469 - Green
Forklift Connection Valve Cap

This reusable cap is equipped with a restraining strap to keep the cap with the cylinder.  This cap will keep insects from nesting in your valves as well as keep other debris out of the valve.

Part Numbers:

​033-464 - Orange
033-472 - Blue
Propane Safey Cap (New OPD Style Valves)
These caps are made for the newer style Over Fill Protection (OPD) valves.  They have a restraining strap to keep them attached to the cylinder.  Safety information is imprinted directly onto the strap.

Part Number:

033-294 - Black 
033-447 - Blue
Propane Cylinder Refurbishment Cap

This cap made to protect the valve from overspray when painting the cylinder.  This cap can be reused.

Part Number:

033-466 Natural
Pressure Relief Device Rain Cap

This cap made to protect the pressure relief device from rain, ice, and other debris.  Required by OSHA.

Part Number:

033-475 Red
Snap-Fill Connector

For use with automobiles, forklifts, mowers, and other equipment outfitted with the new Snap-Fill filling connection.

Part Number:

033-473 - Yellow
Cap for the 1¼ ACME Fitting

These caps fit the one and a quarter inch ACME fittings. They are available with or without a restraining strap. They are yellow in color.

Part Number:

033-492 - Without Strap
033-492S - With Strap
Propane Shot Blast Cap

This cap made to protect the valve during shot blasting.  The plug threads into the valve and holds the protective cap on.

Part Number:

033-497/498 Natural
Relief Valve Deflector for Forklift Cylinders - 45°​
Made from a special ABS/Nylon allow with provides high impact strength and chemical resistance.

Part Number:

033-481 Natural