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Respiratory Products
Hyperkinetics offers many products used in the home healthcare environment.
Y - Tubing Connector

For use with medical oxygen tubing. 

Part Number:

033-223 Natural
Non-swivel Barb Adaptor for DISS Fittings

This barb adaptor does not swivel and is ideal for use where the oxygen source is not changed on a frequent basis.

Part Number:

033-300 Green
Swivel Barb Adaptor for DISS Fittings

The swivel barb adaptor allows the user to switch their cannula from one oxygen source to another without having to remove the tubing from the hose barb. 

Part Number:

033-048 Green
Straight Tubing Connector

Used to connect multiple lengths of tubing together.

Part Number:

033-256 Natural
In-line Oxygen Water Trap

Used to trap water that may be carried over from the humidifier.

Part Number:

033-302 Clear
Humidifier Adaptor

Connects to bubble humidifier.

Part Number:

033-309 Clear
Humidifier Connector 90 with 10 inch tube (Everflow)

This humidifier adapter is for use with Everflow bubble humidifiers.

Part Number

033-351 Gray
Post Valve Wrench with Chain

This wrench used to open and close post valve type oxygen valves has a patented jaw or groove that can be used by those patients with compromised hand strength to remove the sealing band from the cylinder prior to use.

This wrench comes in many colors. Please click the "Valve Accessories" page for part numbers.